Why yes, I am awake to watch it! Very excited in a sappy (and somewhat voyeuristic) way!


So, as some people are probably aware, today marks the 1st day of Lent. I was raised in a very Catholic family, and attended Catholic schools from K-12. Over the years since I left the nest for college, I’ve sometimes felt like I don’t practice or focus on my religion as much as I should or could. But something I have done consistently each year is give up something for Lent.

This year, I’m becoming a sober pescetarian. Rather, I’m giving up all alcohol and land animals. Perhaps part of this is superficial, in attempt to eat better (alcohol leads me to eat everything in sight. I’ve also been known to pound a one/two/eight drinks too many when I’m emotionally distraught. Yes, i eat and drink my feelings; also, lately I’ve felt like I’ve been pretty dependent on meat, red in particular. And it’s not always something simple like steak – we’re talking greasy burgers and wings). Maybe it’s to remind myself to be more socially aware re: inhumane factory farm conditions (I used to be really good about buying meat I felt ethically good about. But I’ve become lazy and cheap).

In an attempt to better myself for the next 40 days, and hopefully longer, I’ve also decided to work on a few personal things. Most of them revolve around positive energy: Not dwelling on things beyond my control, having a better self esteem, being more respectful of other people, being more mindful of things I say that may negatively impact someone else, etc. In an ironic twist of fate, after I posted yesterday about how amazing life has been, I was pretty much blindsided with a curve ball. Trying to not let the situation get the best of me, and moving past it would be a great way to start moving the positive energy around. Positive outcomes only!

has been crazy, hectic and all around awesome. I can hardly believe that we’re already in March. Forgive me for being clichĂ©, but where did all the time go?!?

I definitely need to sit down, breathe, collect my thoughts. Oh, and eat lots of delicious foods! Or perhaps drink all that I can before midnight strikes. I have roughly 16.5 hours to sow my alcohol soaked oats, as I’m giving up drinking for the 40 days of Lent. We’ll see how that one goes!

Yesterday, this girl definitely had a bad case of the Mondays. After a low key, enjoyable Super Bowl/Puppy Bowl/Glee Sunday, I was faced with a ridiculous task list at work. Some of the items on the list were normal, day to day tasks, but there was definitely more than a fair share of stress inducing items. From the moment I clocked in, I felt like everything that could go wrong did go wrong. It was difficult for me to keep a positive mindset throughout the day, and there may or may not have been a frustrating experience with our copier (I bet we’ve all had moments where we wished we could remake that scene from Office Space). It’s like Murphy wasn’t on my side. The only thing that slightly comforted me (in a weird way) was the fact that one of my managers was also approaching one of our projects with a similar sense of trepidation. At least we’re on the same team!

The only thing that got me through the day was knowing that after work, I had a date with yoga and wine. As luck may have it (or not), I found it really difficult to get in the right frame of mind for my yoga practice. I’m not sure if it was because it was a class with a new instructor, if I was rusty from a lack of yoga, or if my mind was too caught up with work, but regardless the reason, the first half of the class was difficult for me. I was physically and mentally drained, but once I was able to close off my mind and focus on the practice, I felt so much better. I was able to lay on the mat and release all the negative energy that had been keeping me stressed all day.

I got home and was greeted with a wonderful surprise. J had taken note of my stressful day at work and had dinner ready for me! I sat in the kitchen with a glass (or two) of wine while he finished getting everything ready.

Spaghetti isn’t normally a dish I’d order at a restaurant. I can sometimes be picky about how I like it prepared, but J gets it right each and every time!

The pasta was paired with french bread (toasted and topped with butter and Garlic Gold Parmesan Nuggets) and an unpictured salad.

Of course, we can’t forget about the wine!

Dinner was followed up with a date with my favorite Monday night shows – How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. We were accompanied by a piece of S’mores Brownies that I had made over the weekend (inspired by Jessica)

Monday definitely had a rough start but shaped out to be an alright night. Hoping that things get better in the long run!

*hoping that this post made sense. Ecto deleted my original draft, so my mind is just a blur atm =P

If we’re going to be 100% honest here, I have to admit: I don’t really care about Super Bowl Sunday! This isn’t because I am against Super Bowl (or football) in general. I actually am a big fan of college football (Fight On! – obviously I’m a fan of USC football) and also root for the San Diego Chargers (Go Bolts!). Unfortunately, since the Chargers didn’t make the Super Bowl + I’m not a fan of either team that actually did make it, I’m not super invested in watching the actual game. If I had to choose a team to root for, I’d have to go with the Packers. I don’t like the Steelers (and I dislike “Big Ben” for reasons that extend beyond accusations of rape).

So I’m not into watching the actual football game. I know I’m not alone. BUT while the half time entertainment usually is pretty appealing to me, I’m disappointed to say that I’m not excited for THAT either. The Black Eyed Peas rank really low on my list of favorite performers (really, the list of performers I like in general). Yes, their songs are catchy, but I preferred them before they added Fergie to their ranks. Not a fan.

However, I AM excited to watch this year’s Puppy Bowl ! Yes, it’s basically hours of watching puppies play with each other, but to me, that’s hours of fluffy fun (heh)! I’m a sucker for the cuteness factor. I even picked out a favorite pup to root for

Mae Puppy Bowl.jpg [via Puppy Bowl]

Isn’t she adorable?! I wish I could take her home. She’d make a great little (big?) sister for Roxy =) Plus her mix is two of my favorite breeds.

I’m also looking forward to all the Super Bowl commercials. My favorites tend to be the ones with the E*TRADE baby.

A few past favorites of mine include:

and this one (which I don’t believe was a Super Bowl commerical, but is still funny!)

I also love the Snickers Betty White commercial!

I hope that everyone has fun tonight, whatever your plans may be! Are you watching the Super (or Puppy) Bowl? Who are you rooting for?

Today was such a blur to me! This morning, J and I spent much of our morning away from our house, but that didn’t prevent us from staring at THIS screen for the majority of the morning : Overcapacity.jpg

We were attempting to buy tickets for San Diego Comic-Con. I’ve lived in SD for about 9.5 years now, and have NEVER been! I’ve always had excuses such as being too broke (what? I was a college student for my first four years here!) or not having anyone to go with. The last few years, J and I have always wandered around Gaslamp while SDCC was going and we decided that we wanted to try and go this year.

Apparently, we chose the wrong year to try, because attempting to buy tickets was such a mess! I don’t even want to admit how many hours of my life were wasted trying to buy tickets. They were having so many issues finding a server that could keep up with ticket demand, that they had to postpone ticket sales several times!

So while we were home earlier, we tried and tried. Then J tried from his iPhone while we were out running errands. We’d get our hopes up and then we’d get THIS message: Not enough tix.jpg .

Needless to say, J was getting pretty frustrated, because he’d get pretty far along with the process, only to receive the same overcapacity message. It was hours full of hitting refresh fun! Soon, four day passes were all sold out, and we had to make the decision to try for single day tickets.

Eventually we had to stop and deal with a whole other issue (hello, Operation trying to save iPhone from death by washing machine*), and finally once, we got back to the computer, we were unfortunately met with THIS: soldout.jpg .

Not exactly the outcome we were hoping for, but we’re not in tears about it. As excited as we were to get tickets, we just couldn’t devote the time necessary to do so. Hopefully, things change as the months go by, and now I’ve learned an important lesson – have someone buy my 2012 ticket while they’re at this year’s event!

*the chain of events leading up to the iPhone’s appointment with the laundry salon is actually a ridiculous and comical story that I hope to share once we’ve found a solution to the problem!

Attention all Amazon.com customers!

Today’s Living Social.com deal is pretty awesome. For $10, you’ll get an Amazon gift card worth $20! That’s a savings worth 50% off =)

I was pretty lucky because I typically purchase my Groupon.com or Living Social.com deals via Swagbucks.com Daily Deals. You earn 280 swagbucks for every deal that is purchased through the link on their website. In an ironic turn of events, today’s purchase of an Amazon gift card earned me enough swagbucks to cash in on an additonal $50 Amazon card! Very cool.

I’ve been looking to upgrade my yoga mat for a few months now, so I’ll be doing that soon. I’ll have enough credit for Amazon to throw in a few books for my iPad as well! I recently reactivated my Amazon Prime account, so everything just works out =)

Are you buying the deal on Living Social today? What are you going to spend your “free” $10 on?