But that all changes today (hopefully).

T minus 2 days until the Disney Half Marathon (technically less than 2 days…i should HOPEFULLY be done 48 hours from now) and I can honestly say that I am not ready.

There are a ton of reasons why I’m not ready, and I could easily point the blame elsewhere, but I’m going to accept responsibility and move on.

Did I slack off with my training? Yeah, a little bit. Does my knee hurt? Unfortunately, yes.

After a slight anxiety attack, I took a deep breath and remembered why I am doing this. I’m running with a friend for her birthday, and I am going to go out and have fun! I only started running this year and only have one official race (Aflac Iron Girl 5k) under my belt. I never intended to stress out and kill myself over this!

Goals of the weekend are to have fun, be silly, take lots of pictures and just revel in the experience! I will try to walk/run the entire race but if my knee starts to bother me, then I will power walk it! No matter what happens, I will OWN THIS RACE in my own, special way!

Afterwards, I’ll take a few weeks to settle down and relax, schedule an appointment with a dr re: my knee, and once I’m cleared to get back out there, start slowly. Train for a 5k, then a 10k. If I decide I love running, find another half to run in 2011 and train seriously for it =)