Today, I was finally able to schedule an appointment to have my knee checked out. I was originally very confused about who I should see. Thinking it’d be best to go through insurance, I called my primary care physician to get a referral. The only problem with this was the fact that I had just changed PCP’s last month and needed to make a “new patient” consultation appointment first. This wouldn’t be so horrible if the next available appointment wasn’t until October 28th!

Knowing that I couldn’t (and shouldn’t/didn’t want to) wait that long, I considered my options. Following the advice of a few friends and fellow bloggers, I decided to ask my local running store for suggestions. I was actually notified via twitter (proof that social media is amazing) that I could go directly to the running store for assistance. It was then I remembered that the owner is actually a Dr. and runs a practice next door. I was told to drop by and  got ready early the next day. Of course,  I called to make an appointment and found that they were actually closed that day.

I left a message and was actually really excited (and nervous) about waiting for a call back. Today, I kept checking my phone all morning, until I realized that they didn’t actually open until 11am. Of course, when the call finally came at 11:32am, I missed it because I have the worst phone in the entire world (seriously? the blackberry storm is a  piece of _____. I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst frenemy). Eventually, after a couple of rounds of phone tag, an appointment was finally set for Thursday, September 23.

I’m excited to finally have an answer, slightly nervous that it’s worse than I anticipate it being, and am VERY scared to see a final bill. I’m glad that I didn’t decide to wait for my dr’s referral, because I learned today that my insurance doesn’t even cover it. The thought of that stressed me out, and while I know it’s important to get my knees checked out so I can run (or more importantly walk), I freaked out at the thought of actually having to finance this. Now, I only know the cost of treatment via my new doctor, so I have no idea if it’s a good price or not. My savior was realizing that it would be reimbursed via flex spending. Thank goodness for that!

So now, I sit and wait…and eat lots of cookies to help soothe my anxieties =)