2010 is coming to an end and I can actually say that I’m glad. While this wasn’t the case with 2009 (now considered to be one of my favorite years ever), I am waiting to welcome and embrace the new year. When I reflect upon the past year, a small part of me wants to cringe. This is definitely not to say that I don’t have any fond memories of 2010. It’s quite the contrary actually. There are many memories that are near and dear to my heart.

However, the things I let bother me, get under my skin…those are all things that I have the power to change in some way, shape or form. These things are so grating on my nerves because I’ve sat complacent for far too long. I’ve sat and complained. I’ve cried. I’ve stressed out to the point of emotional eating. I haven’t been given the amount of respect I know I deserve. I let the situation suck the life out of me, and have found it difficult to see any silver lining.

I’ve known that these things bother me, but I never did anything to make things better. It’s embarrassing to admit that these have been items on my New Year’s resolutions list for the past two or three years. At this point, I am not even allowing myself to complain. Complaining won’t help. I need to take initiative and make things right. I have the power to make things better. I want to be in a different place come December 2011. I want to be in a happy place.

The thought of making these changes is terrifying. But I know that they will be so beneficial to my mental, emotional and financial well being. And when that time happens, I’ll be so happy for a story to tell, to stop being so cryptic.