Attention all customers!

Today’s Living deal is pretty awesome. For $10, you’ll get an Amazon gift card worth $20! That’s a savings worth 50% off =)

I was pretty lucky because I typically purchase my or Living deals via Daily Deals. You earn 280 swagbucks for every deal that is purchased through the link on their website. In an ironic turn of events, today’s purchase of an Amazon gift card earned me enough swagbucks to cash in on an additonal $50 Amazon card! Very cool.

I’ve been looking to upgrade my yoga mat for a few months now, so I’ll be doing that soon. I’ll have enough credit for Amazon to throw in a few books for my iPad as well! I recently reactivated my Amazon Prime account, so everything just works out =)

Are you buying the deal on Living Social today? What are you going to spend your “free” $10 on?