Today was such a blur to me! This morning, J and I spent much of our morning away from our house, but that didn’t prevent us from staring at THIS screen for the majority of the morning : Overcapacity.jpg

We were attempting to buy tickets for San Diego Comic-Con. I’ve lived in SD for about 9.5 years now, and have NEVER been! I’ve always had excuses such as being too broke (what? I was a college student for my first four years here!) or not having anyone to go with. The last few years, J and I have always wandered around Gaslamp while SDCC was going and we decided that we wanted to try and go this year.

Apparently, we chose the wrong year to try, because attempting to buy tickets was such a mess! I don’t even want to admit how many hours of my life were wasted trying to buy tickets. They were having so many issues finding a server that could keep up with ticket demand, that they had to postpone ticket sales several times!

So while we were home earlier, we tried and tried. Then J tried from his iPhone while we were out running errands. We’d get our hopes up and then we’d get THIS message: Not enough tix.jpg .

Needless to say, J was getting pretty frustrated, because he’d get pretty far along with the process, only to receive the same overcapacity message. It was hours full of hitting refresh fun! Soon, four day passes were all sold out, and we had to make the decision to try for single day tickets.

Eventually we had to stop and deal with a whole other issue (hello, Operation trying to save iPhone from death by washing machine*), and finally once, we got back to the computer, we were unfortunately met with THIS: soldout.jpg .

Not exactly the outcome we were hoping for, but we’re not in tears about it. As excited as we were to get tickets, we just couldn’t devote the time necessary to do so. Hopefully, things change as the months go by, and now I’ve learned an important lesson – have someone buy my 2012 ticket while they’re at this year’s event!

*the chain of events leading up to the iPhone’s appointment with the laundry salon is actually a ridiculous and comical story that I hope to share once we’ve found a solution to the problem!