If we’re going to be 100% honest here, I have to admit: I don’t really care about Super Bowl Sunday! This isn’t because I am against Super Bowl (or football) in general. I actually am a big fan of college football (Fight On! – obviously I’m a fan of USC football) and also root for the San Diego Chargers (Go Bolts!). Unfortunately, since the Chargers didn’t make the Super Bowl + I’m not a fan of either team that actually did make it, I’m not super invested in watching the actual game. If I had to choose a team to root for, I’d have to go with the Packers. I don’t like the Steelers (and I dislike “Big Ben” for reasons that extend beyond accusations of rape).

So I’m not into watching the actual football game. I know I’m not alone. BUT while the half time entertainment usually is pretty appealing to me, I’m disappointed to say that I’m not excited for THAT either. The Black Eyed Peas rank really low on my list of favorite performers (really, the list of performers I like in general). Yes, their songs are catchy, but I preferred them before they added Fergie to their ranks. Not a fan.

However, I AM excited to watch this year’s Puppy Bowl ! Yes, it’s basically hours of watching puppies play with each other, but to me, that’s hours of fluffy fun (heh)! I’m a sucker for the cuteness factor. I even picked out a favorite pup to root for

Mae Puppy Bowl.jpg [via Puppy Bowl]

Isn’t she adorable?! I wish I could take her home. She’d make a great little (big?) sister for Roxy =) Plus her mix is two of my favorite breeds.

I’m also looking forward to all the Super Bowl commercials. My favorites tend to be the ones with the E*TRADE baby.

A few past favorites of mine include:

and this one (which I don’t believe was a Super Bowl commerical, but is still funny!)

I also love the Snickers Betty White commercial!

I hope that everyone has fun tonight, whatever your plans may be! Are you watching the Super (or Puppy) Bowl? Who are you rooting for?