So, as some people are probably aware, today marks the 1st day of Lent. I was raised in a very Catholic family, and attended Catholic schools from K-12. Over the years since I left the nest for college, I’ve sometimes felt like I don’t practice or focus on my religion as much as I should or could. But something I have done consistently each year is give up something for Lent.

This year, I’m becoming a sober pescetarian. Rather, I’m giving up all alcohol and land animals. Perhaps part of this is superficial, in attempt to eat better (alcohol leads me to eat everything in sight. I’ve also been known to pound a one/two/eight drinks too many when I’m emotionally distraught. Yes, i eat and drink my feelings; also, lately I’ve felt like I’ve been pretty dependent on meat, red in particular. And it’s not always something simple like steak – we’re talking greasy burgers and wings). Maybe it’s to remind myself to be more socially aware re: inhumane factory farm conditions (I used to be really good about buying meat I felt ethically good about. But I’ve become lazy and cheap).

In an attempt to better myself for the next 40 days, and hopefully longer, I’ve also decided to work on a few personal things. Most of them revolve around positive energy: Not dwelling on things beyond my control, having a better self esteem, being more respectful of other people, being more mindful of things I say that may negatively impact someone else, etc. In an ironic twist of fate, after I posted yesterday about how amazing life has been, I was pretty much blindsided with a curve ball. Trying to not let the situation get the best of me, and moving past it would be a great way to start moving the positive energy around. Positive outcomes only!